Selling House vs Renting

Should You Sell or Rent Your House?

This model considers three scenarios: selling your house now, renting your house, and waiting for a better offer.

How Do You Decide Rent vs Sell?

There are many factors to consider. What would be your estimated net proceeds at closing, with closing costs and commissions included? If you rented your house, what would be the monthly maintenance? What vacancy do you anticipate?

Also consider your expectations about the housing market. How much would your house rent for today, and how much might it sell for a year from now? If you aren’t earning enough rental income to offset your expenses you have negative cashflow. Would any negative cashflow be offset by a higher future sales price?

We also include a table on time versus price changes. Both the length of time that passes and the amount the offer changes will help you determine if you should take a lower offer for your home today. You can calculate how much better a future offer needs to be to justify waiting 1 month, or even a full year.

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