Rent Roll

This rent roll dashboard in Excel was built for a client who owns commercial property. The property owner sublets to multiple tenants who pay weekly rent. This rent roll is used as a simple dashboard to manage the business with the on-site property manager.

What Is A Rent Roll?
A rent roll (definition) is a document to manage leased property. It shows a list of units, the tenants, the rent charged for each unit, and lease expiration date. A rent roll can be used for residential or commercial properties. Uses for residential rent rolls could include duplexes, fourplexes, or apartment complexes. Commercial rent roll uses could include retail subletting, storage facilities, or office space rentals.

How The Rent Roll Excel Model Is Used To Manage Client’s Business

  • Property manager tracks rent paid each week
  • Tenants receive printed receipts with history of rent payments
  • Property manager monitors expiring leases and professional licenses
  • Owner compares rent paid by week to bank deposits
  • Owner monitors occupancy levels for any risk*

What You Get

  • Full unlocked model in Excel — save, update, customize, and more
  • Instant access link
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or receive a full refund
  • Free lifetime upgrades for this model

*Bonus Tip: The owner found staggering leases reduced risk substantially. He found the easiest way to stagger leases is to offer a renewal discount on the tenant’s birthday.