Net Worth Tracker

Are you a person who gets satisfaction from tracking your net worth? Perhaps looking at your net worth is more enjoyable than following a strict budget or buying new electronics.

Using The Net Worth Tracker
Tracking your net worth is easy using this spreadsheet. Just update your actuals each month, and view your progress on the net worth chart.

Your net worth is just the difference between your assets and your liabilities. Your assets include things like checking accounts, property, and retirement accounts. Liabilities include things like credit card debt, student loans, and car notes.

Long Term Approach
Tracking your net worth gives you a long-term sense of your finances. For example, if you own a car and have payments you may notice that the car depreciates faster than the balance on the loan. This causes you to lose net worth, even though you are paying for the car each month. This leads to a good rule of thumb – don’t use credit to buy depreciating assets.

Tracking your net worth will also help you appreciate how stock market returns or the real estate market can affect your net worth. You can compare how much your net worth changes versus your income. If you make $5k in one month, did your net worth go up more or less than $5k? If more, you must have other assets that went up in value (or liabilities that went down). If your net worth did not go up $5k, you might have spent your income on things other than appreciating assets (like rent, food, gasoline, etc).

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Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 and above