Call Center Staffing Model

This staffing model in Excel helps estimate the number of agents you need to answer the phones. Plan your your staffing model to balance agent utilization against the average waiting time for a caller.

This model considers the amount of calls by hour, the number of agents, and the length of a phone call. You can adjust these inputs to see impact on average waiting time and agent utilization.

For more background about call center staffing and operations research consider reading this entry on Wikipedia. This Excel staffing model is designed to be more simple and easy to use for estimating staffing levels and call center service levels. If your call center demands are more sophisticated (such as mixing inbound and outbound calls, using predictive dialers, or more than 30 agents simultaneously) we suggest hiring a specialist to analyze your call center operations.

What’s Included

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Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 and above

Call Center Staffing Model