Staffing Model Template

Need to make a staffing model template in Excel? This free, downloadable template should help create a basic schedule that’s flexible and easy maintain.

Here is what my latest version looks like:Staffing Model Template - Excel

 Staffing Model Template – Background

This staffing model was created to make schedules for employees using Excel. The requirements were:

  • Manager View: Includes a list of all employees with total scheduled hours. Easily printable.
  • Employee View: A snapshot of one particular employee’s schedule. Useful for printing the schedule for just that employee.

Instructions For Use

On the tab labeled ‘Data Entry’ update the fields in yellow. For example, I would update Schedule Week (cell I7) with the start date for the scheduling week. Note the rest of the cells in the next two columns auto-update.

Next, enter the employee’s name (cell L7). Lastly, enter the start shift and end of this employee’s shift in columns M and N. Here’s a quick screenshot:

Staffing Model Template - Instructions

Printing Employee Schedule

Printing an employee schedule in Excel is easy. On the ‘Employee View’ tab, use the drop-down to select the employee from the list. Select the proper weeks in the ‘Schedule Week’ drop-down. Here is a quick screenshot:

Staffing Model Template - Instructions

Conclusion and Download

Hope that quick overview was helpful. If you have any questions or would like a video tutorial leave a comment below.

The download link is here: Excel Staffing Model.

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