Day 1.5: New Business

This is the first day of actually being on the property.

First issue we had was with locks; the keys didn’t work for some reason. Took a while to resolve.

Once in realized there is no gas hookups. Oops, should have caught that in due diligence. Then City Hall called about permits — no news there, which is good. Basically said it’s zoned a certain way, no issue if I do what I said, and if I want to be really diligent about it I can go get a waiver or something at a city council meeting. Immediately went on my back-burner.

Started to discover some things about the property. The toilets had lime / rust stains from lack of use. We lifted up some office ceiling tiles and found this amazing historic tin ceiling behind it. I wish I could restore it, but this is a for-profit business (hopefully) and not a historic renovation (yet).

No day would be complete without an employee driving home, getting pulled over and searched. He was clean, but sheesh. Welcome to town.

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