Group Decision Making

The goal of group decision making is selecting the optimal choice when presented multiple options. This process is also known as team voting or range voting.

Group Decision Making Examples

  • What location to host an event
  • Which interview candidate receives a job offer
  • The best album of all time
Note these are all preference-based decisions.

Group Decision Making Process: Example

Assume we are given a task of selecting the best album of all time. The choices have been restricted to seven options in this example. The albums came from the best-selling albums of all time on Wikipedia.

We have five people in the decision making process. Each person has a single, equal vote.

Each person ranks the list of seven options in order of their preference. In our example, they rank each album from 1 to 7 with one being the best.

The moderator enters all the rankings for each person. The average rank is calculated for each album. Last, we use the RANK function in Excel.

Group Decision Making Template

Here is a screenshot the template used in this example:


Download this Group Decision Making Template for free.



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