Excel Staffing Model

Download this Excel Staffing Model here.

Update: For a more advanced staffing template using PivotTables, try this template. For basic calendar version keep reading. -Jess

What is the Excel Staffing Model?

A printable calendar in Excel used to schedule employee shifts. This model is provided free of charge, no strings attached. This is what the template looks like:


How Do I Use The Staffing Model?

First, update the list of employees on the left. This list feeds a drop-down for each day.

Next, use the drop-down to select an employee for a given day. In screenshot above, this drop-down is in cell D6 for Christina.

Next, select a Start and Stop time from the drop-down. These are the times for the employee’s shift that day. You will notice that the total hours of the shift is calculated once you select a Stop time for each employee’s shift.

At the bottom of each day are metrics for the day. It shows when the earliest shift starts, when the latest shift ends, and how many total hours are worked that day.

Once complete, the schedule is printable. The finished product prints on one page in landscape.

Other Scheduling Resources

There are numerous other scheduling resources on the web, such as this eHow article on how to create a schedule. If you need a more advanced solution there are many services that assist with scheduling as well. Corporate managers may appreciate a more detailed overview, such as Matching Supply and Demand. I recommend this textbook for operations managers. It covers more advanced topics such as minimizing waiting time in a hospital or optimizing flow rates in a given process.


I hope this simple staffing model is helpful for you. Here is the download link again: Excel Staffing Model. Please leave any comments below.

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